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Focused treatments


Individualised treatments are provided to address your current problem areas and increase your sense of wellbeing, providing a massage or healing specific to you. 

Through all stages of life


Massage provides a great array of benefits and can be tailored to your particular time of life, regardless of age. 

You may visit to increase your sense of wellbeing, reduce stress and tension, or restore some balance to your busy life. 

Massage and Reiki can also help address symptoms of menopause, PMT, or a specialised treatment to assist in your comfort during pregnancy or recovery post birth.

A space for women


My wish is to create a space purely for women, where an ongoing holistic and individual approach to massage and health is provided.  

Massage for Women provides an opportunity to pause, focus on and improve your overall health through massage and healing consultations. 

I am a local mother of two, with experience in and passion for women’s health. I look forward to meeting you! Greta :)


Treatments available

Pre and Postnatal Massage


Specialised pregnancy massage can alleviate pain and discomfort, enhance mother-baby connection, increase relaxation, reduce anxiety, stabilise blood pressure and hormonal changes. 

Postnatal massage has shown to improve health and wellbeing and alleviate postpartum aches and pains. 

$100/75 mins, $120/90mins

Therapeutic Massage


Drawing on a Swedish style of massage while addressing areas of tension, Greta works with you to achieve your wellbeing goals. 

This style of massage alleviates areas of tension while also drawing on those feel good hormones (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine) leaving you feeling relaxed and restored. 


$85/hr, $100/75mins $120/90mins



Reiki is a gentle but powerful, non-invasive form of healing. 

Universal life energy is accessed during a treatment which can enhance wellbeing and the body's natural ability to heal. 

Reiki and massage can be a dynamic duo, feel welcome to ask for both in one consultation. 

$85/hr, $120/90mins

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